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Professional dog training and behaviour modification services

Professional dog training and behaviour modification services

Professional dog training and behaviour modification servicesProfessional dog training and behaviour modification services



Group dog training classes

We offer weekly small group daytime, evening and weekend classes, held at various indoor and outdoor locations close to Alresford.


= 6 month+ and beginner clases

= Adult and advanced classes

(We do not offer weekly puppy group classes as feel puppies gain so much more from focus on correct socialisation and early training in a home environment than they do being distracted by other puppies in class!)

£60 for a block of 6 classes of 50 minutes


One to one dog training

Country Dogs can come to you to help with specific training for your dog, new dog or puppy training sessions, or help to introduce a new baby to your dog, or just fun sessions. Contact me with your requirements.

£20 for 1 hour


Dog behaviour modification

Behaviour modification consultations aim to help you reduce unwanted problematic behaviour that your dog may be displaying. Such as aggression, separation anxiety, guarding toys or food, chasing or noise phobias. A veterinary check up is needed beforehand to rule out any underlying medical conditions. We come to you to implement a bespoke programme.

£80 for initial consult and £60 for any follow ups


Puppy socialisation and training session

A 45 minute weekend indoor session held once every 6 weeks for puppy socialisation. The focus will be on appropriate socialisation for young puppies under 5 months. A friendly adult dog will be present to socialise with and puppies will be matched up to socialise too. There will be fun activities to investigate and help build , we will cover some basic focus exercises and you will have a chance to ask all important puppy training questions.

£10 for 45 minute session.


Fun dog training workshops

Regular fun workshops for you and your dog are held close to Alresford. These include trick training, rally obedience, simple scent work, core strength and balance work, agility and child handler classes. To keep posted on what workshops are running follow our facebook page.

£25 for 2 hours 


Educational talks

Bespoke talks aimed at anyone who may come into contact with dogs. For example, dog handling safety for workers in the delivery profession, introducing a new baby to your dog for antenatal groups, or interacting safely with dogs for school children. 

£80 for 1 hour

Grouchy grumps class-

This is a small group class held outdoors for dogs who are reactive to other

Grouchy Grumps Class

This is an outdoor small group class for dogs who are reactive towards other dogs, held every other saturday. Participants will need a behaviour modification consultation with us prior to starting the course to ensure the environment will be suitable for them. We cover behaviour modification techniques and relevant training exercises with the benefit of controlled exposure to other dogs.

£70 for six x 1 hour sessions.


Day Training

We will come to you and train your dog. This service is ideal if you are short on time or lack the confidence to train your dog. After an initial assessment we will train your dog over a course of sessions before transferring your dogs new skills over to you. Prices vary according to whether we implement new behaviours (eg- walking on a loose lead), or modify problem behaviours (eg- reactivity). 

£35 - £60 for 1 hour